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Our Expanded Offerings of PPE for COVID-19

To aid in the fight against COVID-19, we here at Vervelife have expanded our product offerings to support the healthcare industry to the best of our abilities. To do this, we have added 2 new products to our shop.

Antibacterial Face Masks

Face masks have become a key recommended measure to limit the spread of COVID throughout the population. Therefore, they are considered a vital piece of COVID PPE. It has also proven difficult to acquire masks at a rate that is sustainable for the entire population. In response, Vervelife is offering reusable cleanable masks that can be disinfected and used repeatedly. This will make the use of face masks as a form of PPE for COVID more accessible and reliable for all members of the population.

Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to limit the spread of COVID. From the beginning, an increased focus has been placed on hand sanitation. However, it is not always possible to wash your hands with soap and warm water. To provide more opportunity for cleanliness, hand sanitizers can be used to effectively combat contaminants from hands. The Dermsafe lotion offers long-lasting protection that can be effectively combined with handwashing. The lotion helps to protect you for up to 4 hours from the initial application and has been approved by Health Canada to effectively reduce the risk of exposure to COVID. This is an excellent addition to any COVID PPE toolkit.

Osteotron IV

The Osteotron IV is a Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) bone growth stimulator that is proven to accelerate the healing of fractures. LIPUS technology helps with the healing of fresh, high-risk fractures as well as slow healing fractures and fusions.

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